Smoothie Bikes at Head Office

SM bike


Here at KSG we take both our customers’ and our employees’ health and well-being very seriously. Our Wellness program Eat Right, Live Right aims to help people by making the healthy choices the easy choices not only in terms of their meals but also in their daily lifestyle. As part of this program we had the lovely folk from Red Hot Productions come out and give us a spin on their amazing smoothie bikes at Head Office. A great morning was had by all cycling for our supper. Not only did everyone get their endorphins raised through cycling and get to enjoy a delicious smoothie after but we also learned a lot in terms of electricity and the amount of energy it takes to power a blender and the appliances similar to it. Lesson well learned!

Our Nutritionist Charlotte has very kindly provided us all the some advice to help us get the most out of our smoothies -

Making smoothies with fruit and vegetables means you use whole fruit or vegetable. You also get many important nutrients, you generally feel fuller from smoothies and you don’t get that afternoon slump as you would after a sugar spike. Everything you put into the blender is used up meaning you get all of the nutrients including fibre

To make sure that you are actually getting one of your five a day in your smoothie you have to make sure it contains one fruit or vegetable serving. The following counts as a serving:

1 medium apple, banana or orange

2 small kiwis or plums

1 cup of strawberries or a ½ cup of grapes

½ cup of vegetables

1 cup of salad vegetables

If you want to get more than one of your five a day in your smoothie make sure to have two servings included and so on.  As smoothies retains all the fibre of your fruits and vegetables you will not use as many ingredients as you may think. This means, more often than not, one glass of smoothie may only contain one your five a day!