Waterford Viking Marathon 2015 – One Month to Go!


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Our Nutritionist Charlotte presented at the “One Month to Go” seminar at Whitfield Clinic on Thursday 28th May alongside physiotherapists and a sports psychologist. Charlotte gave nutrition advice on preparing for the big day, methods for carbohydrate loading, hydration information and tips for recovering properly.

Her top tips of the day were:

Carbohydrates – On the night before and day of the marathon a lot of people experiment with carbohydrate loading filling themselves up with large amounts of fibre. Although carbohydrate demands increase for the event, now, during your training is the time to gradually increase your carbohydrate intake ensuring your digestive system can cope with the increase in fibre consumption.

Protein – Protein is important for the repair of muscles. Including lean protein such as chicken, turkey and fish in two meals each day should be sufficient to meet requirements but the heavier you weigh the more protein you require (approx. between 1.2 and 1.8g / kg body weight).

Hydration – Similar to carbohydrates, hydration is an essential factor to consider when preparing for a marathon. Make sure you are well hydrated before you set out and keep an eye on the colour of your urine as a guide. If your urine is darker than usual then increase your intakes of water.

Sports Drinks – Sports drink are useful for endurance events such as marathons and half marathons. During the event you lose a lot of water and electrolytes through your sweat. A sports drink, at least 40 minutes in, is a great way to top up on hydration, electrolytes and carbohydrate during the event. I suggest you practice using these in your training instead of waiting for the event to try them for the first time.

Recovery – Preparing for after the event is as important as training for the event. Plan your recovery foods. After an endurance event you need to refuel your body as soon as possible for the best benefit and no longer than two hours after the event. Sports bars, bananas and sports drinks are useful to refuel on the go.