KSG Nutrition

Your nutrition is very important to us here at KSG. When you dine with us we want you to go back to work with a spring in your step.

Eat Right Live Right is a guide to helping you do the right thing when it comes to choosing your meals. Our restaurants cater for a myriad of personal tastes so, by necessity, our range runs from salad plates to comfort foods. We decided to go the extra mile and consider nutrition when it comes to our meals. We provide a healthful balance of foods putting you in control of what you choose to eat.

Fresh & Local Sourcing

KSG are 100% Irish-owned and very patriotic when it comes to home-grown produce. We work with a network of amazing local growers, farmers and fishermen to ensure the freshest, best quality ingredients make it onto your plates every day.

Daily Ingredient Deliveries

Food is at its most nutritious at the moment it is picked, plucked or unhooked. That’s why KSG insist on shortening the time from farm to fork. We are the only restaurant owners in our industry that insist on getting daily, market-fresh deliveries of produce from our suppliers. Meaning your food is made from ingredients that are tastier and more nourishing.

Food Development & Nutrition Team

KSG employ a team of Executive Chefs and a Nutritionist with a target to continuously improve the nutrition value of your meals and add new options for health-conscious diners.

Real Cooking

You won’t catch our chefs using ready-made sauces, boil-in-the-bag foods or microwave dinners. KSG believe in training chefs to prepare proper food. Our kitchens start from scratch every morning so you enjoy higher quality food with more taste and nutrition locked in.