Food and drinks fuel our bodies with energy in the form of calories (kcals). Too much energy can lead to weight gain. Knowing how many calories your food contains will allow you to make more informed choices about what you eat.

On average, a healthy active male needs around 2,500 calories daily and a healthy active woman needs around 2,000. The amount of calories you require depend on your body size and physical activity level.

The key is to eat a balance of foods within your recommended calorie range. If you are not very physically active then you need fewer calories.  If you are very active, then work on eating more foods from the Bread, Cereals & Potato food group. Foods from this food group are low in calories and fat. They are also high in fibre, remember, brown is best.

Nutritionally Analysed Menus: Tracking your calories will be easier with KSG’s new Nutritionally Analysed Menu displays, these are available in selected restaurants. We have added calories, dietary and nutrient symbols to the recipes in this collection to help you choose the meals that suit your requirements.

Helpful Tips:

To lower your calorie intake, swap fries for rice or potatoes.

Ask for your sauces as side helpings.

Replace sugary drinks with water.  And remember: A fruit bowl is not just for display!