Low Salt


Your body needs salt to regulate water balance and blood pressure. It helps to keep your muscles and nerves healthy. We only need small amounts. Overdo the salt and you put your heart at risk by raising your blood pressure. How much is enough salt?

Salt is associated with adding flavour. The next time you are about to shake a sachet over your food stop and think. The food in front of you may have already been seasoned to taste good. Taste your food before adding salt.

Know what high salt foods to watch out for. Cured and processed meats, bread, processed foods and crisps can quickly tip you over your daily recommended allowance. The good news is there are equally tasty alternatives to all. Try opting for fresh ingredients and avoiding processed meats and ready meals.

Our Low Salt Commitment: KSG do what we can to help you limit your salt intake. Our chefs use salt to season appropriately and use alternative herbs and spices where possible.

Nutritionally Analysed Menus: When you see the Low Salt symbol on your KSG menu this means that the meal contains no more than 0.3g of salt per 100g of food.

Helpful Tips: Opt for fresh foods over ones that have been cured, pickled or otherwise processed.

Remember that salt is naturally occurring in even the healthiest foods – so put the salt cellar out of arm’s reach.