Source of Fibre


Fibre is found in many foods. Wholegrain foods, fruits, vegetables and pulses are key sources. Getting fibre into your diet is important for your body for many reasons.

Eat a diet rich in fibre and you could have a happier digestive system and reduce your risk of getting bowel cancer. Fibre rich foods provide a slow release of sugar into the blood helping balance blood sugars. They help you feel fuller for longer, this keeps snacking urges at bay helping you to control your weight. They also tend to be rich in carbohydrate, low in fat and calories.

Nutritionally Analysed Menus: When you see the Source of Fibre symbol on your KSG menu this means that the meal contains at least 3g of fibre per 100g of food.

Helpful Tips: Always bet on brown!

Cereals, bread, rice and pasta should be staples of your daily diet.

Get into the habit of eating wholemeal and wholegrain versions. Trust us, they are just as tasty, if not tastier, than the regular white varieties.