About Niamh


Hi, I’m Niamh, the new Nutritionist with KSG. Like KSG, I am passionate about real, honest, fresh food. I am particularly interested in the way that food impacts on our bodies, both good and bad and how it can be used to assist the healing process. The Eat Right Live Right website is a hub of information containing all things health and wellness. These days, nutrition is trending and although this is a great movement, it has resulted in a lot of mixed messages. My aim is to dispel these contradictions and give you honest, down to earth blog posts and provide answers to the most common questions. We all eat food every day and knowing more about how you can fuel yourself in the best way can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Coming to the Eat Right, Live Right website can help you to unravel the confusion that comes hand in hand with creating a healthier you. Happy reading!