Q: How can I reduce my blood pressure?

A: Again, there are some modifiable risk factors for blood pressure. This means you can change it.

As I previously mentioned, if you are overweight or obese, reducing your target weight range may help reduce your blood pressure. Even a small weight reduction has been proven to reduce blood pressure.

Too much salt in the diet is also associated with increased blood pressure. Sodium is the ingredient in salt that is linked with increased blood pressure.

Try not to add salt at the table, avoid processed meats, cured meats and crisps. Bread has a lot of hidden salt, try not to eat too much bread and remember brown is best for getting your fibre!

Try using fresh ingredients for cooking and avoid jarred sauces and ready meals. Try to eat more fruit and vegetables. Aim for at least 5-a-day. These can also help to lower blood pressure.

Doing some exercise can also help you to reduce your blood pressure and make you feel better. Try to think of this as extra moving. Aim to move for at least 30 minutes every day. Why not try walking, swimming, jogging, tennis or cycling? These are just a few examples of some exercises you can do.

Smoking and too much alcohol is associated with increased blood pressure along with many other health problems. Try not to binge drink. For men, 17 standard drinks is the upper limit for a week and for women the upper limit is 11 standard drinks. Each pint has 2 units and a small glass of wine is 1 unit. Try to keep some days alcohol free.

Are you currently a smoker? If so, why not consider giving up? You will greatly reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

If you have been told you have high blood pressure you should talk to your doctor before starting any physical activity programme.