Q: I seem to be giving my child the same lunch every day, do you have any tips on what is a healthy lunch box?

A: This seems to be a big concern for parents all over the country. There are a few main things to remember when putting your child’s lunchbox together. Use foods from the main groups in the food pyramid so always include some starch like breads and wraps, protein including meat, fish and eggs, dairy including fresh milk and yoghurt, and fruit and vegetables. Be creative with fruit and veg, try chopping up some vegetables and give some hummus to use as a dip. Whole fruit and vegetables count but don’t forget salads, small fruit like grapes and berries, fresh juice and homemade soup. Remember to include drinks. Water and milk are the best options to include in a lunchbox. Try to keep juice for mealtimes and avoid sugar sweetened drinks. Include something different in the lunchbox every day even if it is just a different flavoured yoghurt.