Q: Is juicing fruit and vegetables a good way to get my five fruit and vegetables a day?

A: Juicing has become very popular and it is a great way to increase your intake of many important nutrients especially if you don’t really like vegetables. They can be extremely tasty, they are easy to make and they are nutritious. You can enjoy that feel good factor as you know you are feeding your body with nutrients and some people can even lose some weight.

But when you juice fruit and vegetables the fibre is left behind as waste, and so, juice will only count towards one of your 5-a-day regardless of how much of it you drink. The fibre that is left for the bin is important for our health and most of us don’t get enough of it to begin with. The recommendation is 25g of fibre a day and in Ireland we are only getting an average of 19g.

Considering these points you should try to eat the majority of your fruits and vegetables in their whole forms and enjoy juice as part of a healthy balanced diet.